The Amazing World of Bluetooth Beacon


There are thousands of beacons in the world. It is not surprising as marketers and retailers are increasingly making use of these location detection devices to connect at a more personal level with their customers. For example, research studies have shown that people are more likely to open a message prompted by a beacon transmission. In fact, people open standard push notifications about 14 percent of the time, whereas they open messages transmitted by a beacon over 53 percent of the time. The reason for this significantly higher percentage is believed to the higher relevance people usually associate with beacon messages.

Nowadays, you can find beacons in some places like retail stores, baseball stadium, museums, etc.  Before we go any further, it is important first to understand what beacons are and how they function.

What is a Bluetooth Beacon?

A Bluetooth Beacon is a small battery-powered wireless device, which continuously sends a signal making use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.  You can think of it as a radio station that repeatedly plays a single song, over and over again. Instead of playing a song, a beacon transmits a unique ID or web address which your smartphone or tab can pick if it has the relevant app installed. The recognition or detection of the beacon by an app can cause the app to take certain actions. iBeacon developed by Apple and Eddystone developed by Google are the two software protocols through which beacons communicate. Both these Bluetooth broadcasting standards offer an extensive range of features and functions to make beacons more productive.

Can Beacons read my phone information?

Of course not! People often suffer from the misconception that beacons can interfere with their privacy. It is not true as it is strictly a one-way transaction. A beacon establishes a connection with the app on your phone and not with your phone itself. Your phone cannot communicate with a beacon and in the absence of a relevant app; the beacons cannot detect a smartphone at all.

Where can you buy beacons?

You can buy these amazing location awareness devices either online or from a physical store. There are different varieties of beacons available from different manufacturers. You can purchase one you think will be most effective in helping you actively engage with your audience.

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